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Viagra engaged in the identification of prostatitis. He diagnoses the very fact of damage to the prostate gland. Based on the symptoms of the disease, the doctor can determine the stage of its development already during the first appointment. The man will definitely be prescribed an ultrasound of the prostate. Taking the juice of the prostate gland and analyzing it is the main method for diagnosing prostatitis. Taking a smear from the urethra. The obtained secret is sent for bacteriological examination.

Only a specialist can establish the correct diagnosis and Viagra the correct treatment. Unfortunately, these symptoms can hide such a terrible disease as prostate cancer.

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Cystoscopy is a method for diagnosing diseases of the prostate gland, during which the doctor can perform some therapeutic manipulations. However, they rarely resort to it. Although a disease such as prostatitis has long been known and is widespread among men of all ages, it is difficult to treat it.

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Treatment of acute bacterial prostatitis directly depends on how severe the symptoms of the disease are. Sometimes the patient's condition is extremely difficult, which often occurs when the body is intoxicated.

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If the data obtained is not enough to make a diagnosis, then the patient is placed in a hospital and a urodynamic examination is carried out under its conditions.

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The disease manifests itself acutely, the body temperature rises sharply, chills appear, pain in the pelvic area, in the lower back, perineum. Perhaps the addition of nausea and vomiting, a violation of the process of emptying the bladder with cuts, a burning sensation, etc. Such a condition is dangerous for its complications.

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Perhaps the addition of a bacterial infection, the development of an abscess of the prostate gland, septicemia and septicopyemia. Most often, complications arise against the background of existing chronic diseases, for example, in the presence of diabetes mellitus.

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If the disease is acute, a man must be hospitalized in a hospital, in the urological department. If this is not possible, then the patient is assigned to the general surgical department.

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There is a general treatment strategy for the management of patients with acute prostatitis: Prohibition of prostate massage, even with the aim of obtaining prostate secretions. The ban is due to the high risk of developing sepsis.